MNL168 Casino’s Slot Machine with the Highest Return Rate

In live casinos, penny machine returns can range from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, but online casinos typically hit the mid-90s.

This does not guarantee winning online. Your average results per dollar bet online may be better, but every casino and every machine has its ups and downs.

First, there are a few things to remember:

Finding games with high payouts is crucial to winning at slots. Online returns are usually higher than live casino returns. If you are using data as a guide, find the percentage of the coins.

Theoretical Return Comparison The Return Appears

The MNL168 slot machine has the same theoretical and actual payout percentages. They are usually close to the long term, but they don’t have to be the same and can change in the short term.

If a manufacturer says a game has a theoretical percentage of 93.8%, that means the odds on that game will push the machine to achieve a 93.8% return.

This is the same as in tabletop games. In Double Zero Roulette, the game odds give a 94.74% return on the black bet.

But sometimes the numbers with a black background appear more frequently than average, and the returns may be higher or lower than the theoretical returns.

The same goes for spaces. Results are random and payback rates may vary in the short term. Returns can reach hundreds of percent, and you can even win huge bonuses.

***Return percentage based on real world results is the ratio of the amount paid out in the game to the amount actually paid out. This value is presented.

If a group of players bet $100,000 on a game on one day and they get paid $90,000, the ROI for that day’s game is 90%.

Not all players get 90% of their salary. Some will lose more than 10%, some will lose less, and some will win money. Someone might hit the jackpot and win big.

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After all, if no one wins, no one competes. But in the long run, the casino will take a percentage.

Let’s say you initially put $20 into a penny slot machine and by the time you leave, you’ve lost all $20.

Sometimes players think this is zero reward, but that’s not the case. Every bet counts, every payout counts.

Try calculating the sizes in this order: You bet $20 first and only get $12 in return. Then you bet $12, get a good pair, and find your meter is back to $18. You bet $18 and get lucky and get $14. After betting $14, you only have $10 left in your bet.

Bet $10 and you’ll get $12 in return. A $12 bet leaves you with only $8 in winnings. Bet $8 and your winnings will only be $4. Bet $4 and get up to $6. Bet $6 and get $6 back. Another $6 bet leaves you with only $2 of your bet. Bet $2 and when the bet is over, you lose.

You haven’t received the $20 and you haven’t received anything in return. You place a $120 bet and receive a $92 bonus.

You can withdraw a portion of your $20 at any time. Instead of 0%, your session return is 76.7%. You lost the entire $20, not because there was no reward, but because you chose to continue sitting until it was all gone.


Not all slot machines in the same casino have the same payout percentage. This applies to both online slots and live casino slots. Different games may have different rental return percentages.

Different coin denominations can and usually do have different payoffs in other people’s games, with low denomination games like penny slots often having lower payouts than higher denomination games like dollar slots.

Even games with the same theme and genre may have different rewards. You don’t see it online, but in a live casino you can have two identical-looking machines placed side by side with different combinations of winning combinations and different payout percentages.

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Some casinos release extensive return data to the public in monthly reports, but some do not. Each state has its own rules about what must be included in a public report.

At its most detailed, the ROI for each coin denomination at each casino is listed. You can check out a chart that breaks down the returns for 1-cent games, 5-cent games, etc. at every casino in the state.

Other areas pay regional returns — such as the Las Vegas Strip, downtown Las Vegas, Reno and other areas of Nevada. Details of individual casinos are not listed. Some states do not disclose payback percentage data.

Online casino return on investment data is generally not available through state regulatory sources. If you see ROI figures for an online casino, it’s because the casino chooses to advertise it.

In no case was payback data available for individual machines.

Casino payout

Published figures are typical casino averages. If a casino tells you, “Our slots pay out 90%,” it means that 90% of the total amount on all slots is returned to the player in the form of payouts.

This doesn’t tell MNL168 anything about the return per machine. Returns from individual machines can vary, but when added together and averaged, can produce 90% of the advertised value.