Responsible Gaming – Mnl168

Betting using this network may create legal liabilities for residents or individuals in certain countries. Mnl168 Casino does not intend to use the network in countries where personal betting activities are illegal.

The user agrees that all exclusion clauses are fair, just and reasonable in terms of risk and benefit distribution, which not only reflects Mnl168’s concern for users, but also reflects users’ understanding and support for us. We agree to the legality and enforceability of these terms.

Following are the dos and don’ts followed by Mnl168

  1. We do not allow persons under the age of 18 to participate in Mnl168 or promote our products or services to minors. Our advertising, sponsorships and marketing activities are not intended to attract persons under the age of 18.
  2. To ensure that all of our members are of legal age, we check regularly to determine their age. Mnl168 needs to obtain additional information to verify that members are of legal age.
  3. No misrepresentation or misrepresentation of our products or services is made in our advertising campaigns or advertisements. Members are informed of the risks and chances of winning. Although paid services are provided, excessive consumption is discouraged.
  4. Users must reach the legal age (legal age limit in the area where the user lives) and do not violate local laws to use Mnl168’s services. Once it is found that the user is under the age of 18, we reserve the right to freeze or close the relevant game account without refunding any money, and recommend that the user set up a computer user to prevent children from accessing the game.

Problems caused by severe gambling

  1. Have you skipped school or skipped school because of gambling?
  2. Do you gamble to escape a boring or unpleasant life?
  3. Have you ever lied about the time and money you spend gambling?
  4. Do you gamble because of arguments, frustration or disappointment?
  5. Have you ever felt lost or even depressed because of gambling?
  6. Have you lost interest in family, friends or hobbies?
  7. The more you answer these questions, the closer you are to having a serious gambling problem.

Our voluntary self-exclusion service allows members who wish to limit their gambling to close their account or limit their gambling activity. Once your account is self-excluded, it will be closed until the selected period has elapsed. After the self-exclusion period has expired, you will be able to resume using the Site’s services.

Mnl168 reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend, terminate, modify, delete or add service content immediately without notice to users, and Mnl168 and its related partnerships, partners, associates, employees and agents shall not and shall not be liable for this responsible for any damages incurred.

If the user intentionally or unintentionally discloses or divulges the account information, resulting in theft, or a third party obtains the user’s account and password in any form to play games, resulting in the loss of the user’s account, all losses and losses of the user shall be borne by the user. Responsibility lies solely with the user and disclaims all liability from us and our associated partners, associates, employees and agents.

In any case, Mnl168 reserves the right of final decision.